Chronic Pain — GONE!

I started seeing Kimberly about 18 months ago. On my first visit she spent over an hour really listening to my issues and determining the best path for ME! I was so impressed with the amount of time she spent with me and it continues every time I see her. I never leave her office feeling like I haven't gotten the very best care possible. For 15 years I have been seen by a chiropractor for various neck and back issues. I have never felt like there has been a resolution. My pain always comes back after a few days. With Kimberly, I feel like I have been healed. Instead of weekly visits to the chiropractor, I can visit Meridian Family Acupuncture about every six months for a tune-up. She was even able to help me with a mishap I had with some marble steps which resulted in a broken ankle. I had no idea that acupuncture could help the healing process. Thank you Kimberly for taking my pain away!!!!!