Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia about ten years ago. This is a condition which causes periods of intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain to various locations on the left side of my face and head. Traditional medicine’s means of treating this condition is through medications that slow the function of the nerves that cause the pain (and also bring side-effects that are often more debilitating than the pain itself); or by way of surgical treatment, which may result in some temporary relief, but in some patients has also resulted in total numbness to the affected area (sort of a Bell’s palsy effect, as I’ve been told). As these treatments by traditional medicine have been objectionable to me, I have sought for other means to deal with my pain through natural medicine sources such as chiropractic care, cold-laser therapy and acupuncture. These gave me some measure of relief, but seemed to be due to a “hit-and-miss” routine by the practitioners.

Three years ago I learned of Kimberly Thompson’s work. Having recently moved to Boise, I was looking for an acupuncturist in the area and was told of her. In Kimberly I have found even more than I had expected. Kimberly understands what is happening in my body that is causing the trigeminal pain. Kimberly’s care has made a difference to me because of the following techniques:

• At the beginning of each visit, Kimberly performs diagnostic tests which measure the energy flow in the different channels of the body. I had been given such a test before, but the practitioner used it not as a tool, but more as a “gadget” to entertain. Kimberly understands the value of what these tests tell her.

• Through the feedback from the diagnostic test, Kimberly is able to pinpoint the areas of concern in my body (not always the same at each visit), thus providing her with an accurate “map” of where to place her acupuncture needles. Kimberly’s sense of touch is also important in this work as she is able to feel the points where the flow of energy is being blocked on the body and then unstop those blockages. Her sensitivity in this is another thing that sets her apart from others in her field.

• Kimberly’s background in massage therapy is also a bonus in her ability to unstop the energy channels and help to get it flowing properly through the body. Her sense of touch is key to her success in her acupuncture work.

I have found that, through Kimberly’s care, my body is being healed, rather than pain just being “masked” as traditional medicine would do for me. The trigeminal neuralgia is becoming less and less a problem for me. It is so gratifying to me to have Kimberly’s natural therapy bring about the care I have needed to heal my body.