Chronic Back Pain

After being in a car accident I had pain in my lower back and upper shoulders and neck area most of the time. I had tried to use Physical Therapy and had gotten some relief, but not on a regular basis and got very frustrated. I was asked if I had tried Acupuncture for my symptoms and I had not, but I was looking for relief and was willing to try. I was asked to keep an open mind. I had started Acupuncture and after only a few sessions found relief and help. I kept going and started doing a monthly maintenance cycle and felt great. Because of work commitment I was not able to use the monthly maintenance for a short time and found that my old pains resurfaced. I was surprised and happy that once I was able to get back on my schedule my pains were under control or gone again. I was not acquainted with acupuncture and didn’t really understand it, and I still don’t. But I understand the relief and feeling better that comes from the use of it to help my system.