Chronic Pain — Back, Arm, Wrist, Shoulder

I began acupuncture treatments to reduce pain. I had tendinitis pain in my right arm from my wrist to my shoulder. I am right handed, and the pain was so bad I began to drive and do household chores as a lefty. I also had a back injury 2 years prior, that continued to cause me pain. I work long hours at a desk every day, this made my pain worse and nothing seemed to help. I started treatments with Kimberly and noticed significant improvements. My pain was reduced a great deal, and my back and arm felt much improved. I also noticed other improvements as well. After treatment I felt more relaxed and that night I always slept much better. Kimberly treats the overall body, and also makes suggestions for preventative measures to reduce pain symptoms. She is professional and knowledgeable in a variety of areas. I would highly recommend her if you are seeking acupuncture treatments.