Back Pain/Knee Pain

I have suffered with back and knee problems for years and was recommended to Kimberly by my chiropractor. I have always been open to Eastern medicine but I was pleasantly surprised to find a practitioner that actually listens to my concerns and seeks to understand the issues before jumping into a resolution. In addition, she uses an advanced software based on probing touch-points in your hands and feet that develops a graph of how your organs are operating.

This gives her a roadmap as to how to treat me and where to focus. Kimberly is also a brilliant student of her craft who never stays stale with her knowledge and technology. It is almost the perfect combination of Western science with the graph and Eastern medicine through acupuncture. Kimberly has incredible  bed side  manners that give me a feeling of being part of her family. It is quite refreshing and calming as I am usually stressed from work when I arrive for my treatment. She is also in a new office that is clean and professional which produces a conducive environment for reflection and peace. I not only use her for specific pain  points,  but also for general wellness as well. I strongly recommend Kimberly for all your wellness needs.