Modern Technology

Modern Technology

AcuGraphAcuGraph Analysis:

AcuGraph Analysis is a scientific approach to acupuncture diagnosis. We measure electrical skin resistance at acupuncture points to see on a computer screen where your body has electrical imbalances. This analysis helps us better understand the underlying cause of your health conditions, which helps us solve your problems quicker. We do a graph analysis each time you come in so you can watch the progress of your treatment.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent:

All systems and tissues in the body are governed by specific electrical frequencies. We specialize in knowing the electrical frequencies connected to health and sickness. By changing unwelcome frequencies in the body, we influence systems of the body toward optimal healing. Examples of successes with Frequency Specific Microcurrent include helping bones, tendons and ligaments heal faster; treatment of inflammation related digestive disorders and chronic pain; and regulation of hormones.

Vibrational Therapy:

Vibrational therapy is an exciting new treatment approach to muscle and ligament problems. It dramatically enhances the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment. Our unique combination of acupuncture and vibrational therapy is very effective in relaxing tight muscles due to adhesions, scar tissue and old injuries—especially in the shoulders and hips. Additionally, vibrational therapy helps increase circulation and promotes lymphatic flow.


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