Is Kimberly the Right Acupuncturist for YOU?

Finding the right person to take care of your healthcare needs is really important. Assuming you have already done your homework and know you want acupuncture, finding the right person is the next step. Personality is everything. Acupuncture is supposed to make you feel good. When leaving the clinic you want to feel better physically, AND you want to feel good about your experience. It’s not hard to find an acupuncturist with experience. The hard part is finding someone who fits your personality. 


In this blog I’ll tell you more about me. If it doesn’t feel like I’m the right acupuncturist for you, give me a call or send an email anyway. I’m happy to help you find just the right person to fit your needs.




I’m a mother of nine kids. My husband and I blended families in 1993. We had one more child together, and then we adopted one. I spent the first 15 years of our marriage as an at-home-mom—doing 20 loads of laundry per week. (Do the math on that… That's 1040 loads per year. Can I just say it out loud? I HATE LAUNDRY!)



My original education was in massage therapy. My next training was in medical transcription. I used to type Worker’s Compensation reports in one room, then massage in the other. I was always amazed that the medical system didn’t work for these Worker’s Comp patients. Somehow, they wound up on my treatment table when their case was closed, and they weren’t fixed. I often got better results than the surgeons did by way of massage therapy. With that in mind, when I decided I wanted to further my education in the healthcare field, I knew Western medicine wasn’t the approach I needed to take.


I decided to become an acupuncturist because I suffered sciatic nerve pain and acupuncture worked. It worked when massage therapy, chiropractic and the array of pain relievers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications did not. I was impressed with my results so I convinced my husband that we needed to move to San Diego so I could get a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine.


I turned 40 in college. I remember thinking I was going to be SO OLD when I finished. I was wrong. Turning 40 in college was amazing! While many colleagues are just beginning their families, I’m finishing up with mine and having the time of my life. 


Clinical Experience


One unique gift I had when I started my program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego is that I knew how to recognize acupuncture points under my fingers, long before I ever learned they even existed. I had hands that knew. Studying points was fascinating to me. I was finally learning about those little tiny spots I had been feeling all my life. 


Because of my experience in massage therapy, I’ve always excelled in pain management. It was exciting to take those skills and expand upon them them while interning in college at Family Medicine Clinic, Sports Medicine Clinic, Hospice, Children’s Hospital, and the Geriatric Clinic.


My passion is working on patients with chronic pain, whether it be chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or fibromyalgia, I love it all because I’m good at it. Pregnancy is an exciting area of focus for me as well. Oh how I wish someone had worked on me while I was having babies. My heart goes out to moms with morning sickness, back pain, prolonged pregnancies, hemorrhoids, and post-natal depression. I’ve experienced them all. If only I had known an acupuncturist. Every one of these problems can be helped with acupuncture! 


What Makes Kimberly Tick


My family. We aren’t perfect, but we sure enjoy life. Most of my kids are now grown. As of today’s date, we only have two left at home. We currently have 13 grand babies, with two more on the way. We project that by the time our kids are done having babies we will probably have about 40 grandchildren. 


As much as I love my family, I won’t be one of those crying moms when they all leave home. My husband and I had 7 kids the day we got married. We are very much looking forward to some quiet evenings at home with no kids around.


When I’m not treating patients in my clinic, I have a second job as an “Acupuncture Research Analyst.” With that job I am constantly researching, developing, and learning about new modern resources for acupuncture.I teach other acupuncturists around the world how to use modern acupuncture tools in the acupuncture clinic. I am also a columnist for Acupuncture Today


I love learning. I’m sure I’ll never quit. Recently, I began studying for my doctorate degree. Yes—by the time I’ve finished my 50th year in life, I should be done! (Well, not “done,” but finished with my doctorate at least.) 


Who knows where life will take me after that. This I know for sure… I will eventually get old. But here’s the good news. This is one line of work where age doesn’t make you less marketable. I plan to keep learning and become the little old lady that is so busy doing acupuncture, she doesn’t have time let age hold her back. 


That’s it. Now you know a little about me. Obviously I have the right education along with a ton of clinical experience. You can read more about that on my website. The question is this: Am I the right personality for you? 


If not, like I said earlier, I’m happy to help you find your perfect acupuncturist. I know most of the other acupuncturists in town AND I know acupuncturists all around the world if you need help finding someone for a friend or family member that doesn’t live in our area. 


Finding the right acupuncturist for YOU is what is important to me. 


Talk to you soon,




















Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac.

Meridian Family Acupuncture