Acupuncture for the Whole Family

Acupuncture for the Whole Family


AcupunctureThe use of tiny needles (about the width of a mustache hair) to stimulate acupuncture points on the body. Treatment of acupuncture points helps to resolve pain; strengthen bodily function such as digestion, hormones and blood circulation; and regulate emotions.


Children respond very well to treatment for aches and pains, chronic allergies, digestive disorders, bedwetting and emotions. Treatment for children involves many of our non-needle treatment techniques.


Our specialty includes treatment of women at all stages of child-bearing.

We treat conditions such as preparation for pregnancy, morning sickness, prenatal depression, post-natal depression, hemorrhoids, low back pain, varicose veins, pubis symphysis pain, breech baby presentation, difficulty in milk production, breast infection.

Women who have acupuncture during the last two months of pregnancy experience easier labor and delivery as well as quicker healing after childbirth.


Menopause can be a tough stage of life. Women who have acupuncture during menopause report reduced tendency of hot flashes, fewer mood swings and less general fatigue. We also offer special dietary recommendations for menopausal women, which help with dry skin and vaginal dryness.


Acupuncture helps with conditions such as arthritis, neuropathy, general aches and pains, slow digestion, poor memory and bladder control. Acupuncture is fantastic for helping patients recover after knee and hip replacement surgery as well.

Cancer ServicesCancer:

Cancer patients benefit greatly from acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture helps to strengthen the immune system and rebuild energy before, during and after chemotherapy; regulate emotions; strengthen digestion; and resolve pain. Patients receiving acupuncture treatment while undergoing chemotherapy tend to do better overall than those who aren’t.


Hospice care combined with acupuncture is a beautiful experience for the patient and the family. Patients and family members who have acupuncture experience less pain and calmer emotions through the end-of-life process.


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